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About Me:

I am Kerrie a qualified British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) teacher. I practice yoga daily and it has been a huge part of my life for many years. I initially loved the way yoga made me feel and I can honestly say that it’s benefited my life in so many ways, holistically enhancing my health and wellbeing. I continue to attend regular classes, workshops and retreats to further develop my personal practice, allowing me to enhance my skills and pass that knowledge onto my students.

Vocationally I am an experienced qualified Mental Health Nurse, and within my role I have facilitated mindfulness groups, wellness workshops and recovery-based groups. I share my extensive knowledge of mindfulness, health and wellbeing with my students. I have worked in several specialist areas within mental health including acute care, addictions service, children and adolescents, early interventions in psychosis, both young people and adult eating disorder service and currently within a specialist service working with those experiencing severe mental health conditions.  I am also a nursing mentor, supporting students in their journey to becoming a qualified nurse. Within my mentorship training there is heavy reliance upon the importance of individual learning styles and preferences.

I have also had the privilege whilst travelling to work within a health retreat, supporting the yoga teachers and participating in the classes. This inspired me greatly, enhancing my love and recognition for the health benefits yoga can bring, and this was a wonderful experience fuelling my passion for yoga.


Since qualifying with the BWY after a 300 hour credited yoga teacher training course, I have also completed a 20 hour credited Rocket teacher training course with Kathy Ran in September 2018. I have also attended workshops in restorative yoga and Thai yoga massage, so I have a deeper knowledge of the wonderful rebalancing benefits of restorative yoga, which is another style of yoga that I am able to offer to my students. More recently I have completed my 50 hours credited pregnancy yoga teacher training course with Dawn Wright in October 2019. This enables me to teach ladies safely who already attend my regular classes. I also offer both group pregnancy yoga courses and also on a 1:1 basis. I also offer 1:1 yoga sessions, which I find very rewarding. As I am able to work with my clients at their level and instore growth in their practice and confidence.

My Teaching Style:

I have practiced numerous yoga styles but vinyasa flow is one of my favourite, as I like the creativity which this style of yoga can offer. I will be offering my students Vinyasa flow class which will be suitable for beginners and those who already practice yoga regularly.

My vinyasa yoga classes are dynamic and creative which will allow you to challenge yourself. I offer and modification and variations to meet the needs of peoples different abilities whilst being mindful of both the breath and body throughout my teaching. I have a very mindful approach and this comes across within my teaching. I also teach slow vinyasa which is gentler and sometimes incorporated some restorative poses within my class to offer the benefits of deeper relaxation.

Within my classes I incorporate breathing exercise (pranayama) to help prepare my students for the asana practice (physical practice).  I always end my classes with a beautiful relaxation to help my students to feel the benefits of the practice and help them to feel relaxed, restored and rebalanced. I also offer meditations within my classes to help students to connect to themselves and develop a more mindful mind in turn helping to relax the mind, body and soul.

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I have had the pleasure of attending many of Kerrie's yoga sessions. Her approach to yoga is very mindful and always with the client in mind. Kerrie's style of yoga is gentle as she goes through her flow ensuring each posture and moment maximises the clients potential to improve. There is a sense of peace and kindness that resonates throughout her sessions. I would definitely recommend Kerrie either on a one to one basis so that she can give you her full attention on your own journey or attend a class where you will always feel welcome.

Clive Havill

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A Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch UK based British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

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